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Ragna Crimson TV Anime Reveals September 30 Debut in Second Promotional Video

seren04 • 06/26/2023

Love dark fantasy anime with dragons wreaking havoc and deranged villains plotting for your downfall at every chance they get? Then, Ragna Crimson is a must-watch for you! Bring along your friends and family with the same taste and wait for its debut this coming September 30 revealed in its trailer.

The trailer also teased the new cast including Reina Ueda as Ultimatia, Takehito Koyasu as Grymwelte, Shunsuke Takeuchi as Disas Trois, Kōzō Shioya as Temruogtaf, Yoshihito Sasaki as Michael, Takashi Matsuyama as King Femud, and Nobutoshi Canna as Future Ragna and the additional staff members including Art Director: Asuka Komiyama (Cosmo Project), Color Design: Taeko Mizuno (Studio Road), Director of Photography: Atsushi Satō (Studio Shamrock), 3D Director: Makoto Endō (Tri-Slash), Editing: Kentarou Tsubone (REAL-T), Sound Director: Fumiyuki Go, and Music: Kōji Fujimoto (Sus4 Inc.) / Osamu Sasaki.

The story is set in a dystopian future where the world has been ravaged by a mysterious disease known as the Red Eye Virus, a few survivors struggle to eke out a living in the ruins of civilization. The group of survivors known as the Ragna Crimson squad is tasked with hunting down and eliminating the remaining infected individuals. The squad is led by a skilled and ruthless warrior named Ragna Crimson, who is determined to protect the remaining survivors and restore order to the world.

As the story progresses, the squad encounters a variety of challenges and obstacles, including other groups of survivors who are not always friendly, and the harsh realities of living in a post-apocalyptic world. They also uncover secrets about the origins of the Red Eye Virus and the true nature of the world they live in.