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Oshi No Ko Anime’s Opening Song ‘Idol’ Tops Spotify and Youtube

seren04 • 05/01/2023

How does a cutesy song mesh with a dark yandere vibe sounds to you? If you’re not familiar with Yandere, it’s a type of character who is genuinely sweet, romantic, and gentle towards their love interest. At the same time, they can be a little psychotic, brutal, and deranged. This is the close description for Oshi no Ko Anime’s opening theme song, Idol, by YOASOBI.

Idol skyrocketed and reached 600,000 plays on Spotify last April 23, 2023. Not to mention, the song is the number 1 song in Japan. Aside from the anime series going viral on Tiktok, the song drew listeners with its unique sweet yet dark music. The song also become the top music video played this week in Japan on YouTube’s Top 100 Global Music Videos list with over 37 million views.

The anime aired in Japan last April 12, releasing a 90-minute first episode. To start, the story is about a gynecologist named Gorou, a huge fan of Ai Hoshino. He never intended to be a fan but his past impacted a change. One day, he learned that his favorite idol is going on hiatus. Little did he know, he will be a huge part of her life. Lies are the idols’ greatest weapon in the entertainment industry. To Ai, she lies hoping that one day she can finally say the truth from the bottom of her heart.